If Looks Could Kill Loose Sleeves Shirt

If Looks Could Kill Loose Sleeves Shirt


If Looks could Kill...

A phrase used in the modern world to describe an overwhelmingly beautiful woman, but did you know it was used to describe Medusa? Don't worry though, you can stare at this one :3

A cold shoulder T-shirt inspired by Greek mythology.
Merging it J-style with Greek style! The shirt made from shiny silk polyester. :) It's soft to touch, and light to wear.

  • Model: Angela
  • Height: 5'0
  • Size: Star

✨Original design by artist Melody Wang.


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Size Suggestions:

These are the cold shoulder sleeves. It has holes that reveals shoulders. Fabrics is stretchy, silky, and loose.

Medium sizes are able to fit Star, for comfort Core is a better suggestions.